How Cancer Services Network Can Help You

When people come to Cancer Services Network, they meet with our social worker, a person who becomes their key resource. The social worker assesses and identifies the full range of needs for each family and works with each client on an ongoing basis to provide meaningful resources, information, and compassionate assistance. The social worker is here to offer support and encouragement, and provide information and referral to community resources. When someone has concerns or questions, or they just need to talk, Cancer Services Network is here for them.

  • Programs & Services

    Financial Support

    All financial services are offered on a sliding-scale based on household size and current monthly income.


    Prescription Medications

    Cancer Services Network provides assistance to help qualified clients pay for approved cancer related medications. This most often includes anti-nausea and pain medications.

    Health Insurance Premiums

    We know it is important to keep your medical insurance coverage while undergoing cancer treatment. Assistance with premium payments for health insurance is provided for a limited time to cancer patients who qualify.

    Transportation Stipend

    Cancer Services Network provides a transportation allowance for cancer patients to get to and from treatment. Reimbursement is based on distance to treatment and financial need.
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    Medical Equipment and Supplies

    Cancer Services Network provides resources and/or financial assistance for things like home health equipment and supplies, including canes, walkers, wheelchairs, bedside commodes, ostomy supplies, wound care supplies, and incontinent supplies.

    Wigs, Hats, Mastectomy Bras and Prostheses

    Our office is home to a large inventory of wigs, turbans, hats, and scarves, available at no cost to those who need them. We also have a wide variety of mastectomy bras and prostheses for breast cancer survivors available at no cost. Come in and visit. A staff member will be happy to show you around to help you find something that’s right for you.


    Nutrition plays an integral role in all aspects of the cancer journey, from the time of diagnosis through treatment and after. Given the various side effects of cancer treatment, it can be challenging to meet all the nutritional needs for those touched by cancer.

    Nutritional supplement drinks are available in a variety of flavors so our clients may maintain strength during treatment. Feeding pump supplies are available as needed.

    Educational seminars and workshops are offered periodically exploring health and nutrition for people with cancer. For information about upcoming workshops, please visit or call our office at 325-672-0040.

    Household Assistance Funds

    Many cancer patients are lacking the financial resources to cover basic necessities like rent, utilities, home or auto repairs, and other special emergencies that might arise which inhibit them from going for cancer treatment. Cancer Services Network may be able to locate available resources or provide some financial assistance to cover emergency situations when there is a special need or a shortage of personal funds.

    Emotional Support

    Support Groups are offered for cancer patients, patients' families, and caregivers dealing with the effects of a cancer diagnosis. Free, general or specialized support groups are available. Contact our office for more information about upcoming support groups.

    Spiritual Support

    Cancer Services Network works with faith-based communities in order to provide spiritual networks of support for cancer patients and their families and caregivers. These partnerships provide an extension of outreach for cancer patients and their families.

    If you represent a church or faith-based organization and would like to become part of our Spiritual Care Team, please contact Nancy Tyler, Executive Director.

  • Resource Library

    Located in our office is a collection of written materials, DVDs, audio CDs and brochures. We also have a lending library where books can be checked out and returned after reading. This collection covers topics including:

    • Different types of cancer, i.e., melanoma, prostate, breast, colon, etc.
    • Treatment—managing, options, understanding
    • Nutrition
    • Children with cancer
    • Talking to children about cancer
    • Caregiving
    • Communicating
    • Grief
    • General cancer information
    • Family topics (i.e. Husbands and breast cancer)
    • Inspirational
    • Cancer management
    • Assorted brochures in English and Spanish about many specific types of cancer

    Our resource library was funded in part through a grant from the Community Foundation of Abilene.